As winter gets into full swing, so does flu season. We’re always looking for ways to boost our immune system and avoid getting sick during this dangerous time of year. Lucky for all of us, there’s a great spa treatment that can give you a much-needed boost during this contagious season: a lymphatic drainage massage.

A lymphatic drainage massage is a massage of the face, neck, chest, and arms. This massage features light pressure to the lymph system, which stimulates the system and helps move lymph fluids back to the heart. Sounds scientific, but it’s pretty simple: lymph fluids are full of white blood cells that protect your body from illness. A lymphatic massage helps to make the system of blood flow work more efficiently, and therefore, makes your immune system work better.

A lymphatic drainage massage can increase energy, boost the immune system, speed up your body’s natural detoxification process, de-stress the body, and fight signs of aging. It’s the perfect treatment after surgery, a sports injury, or flying, because it gives your body a quick detox and helps your body get back to normal quickly.

We love getting a lymphatic drainage massage after a long day of traveling– it’s the perfect way to relax and feel completely refreshed after a big trip. It’s also the perfect treatment if you suffer from chronic pain- this massage can relieve your symptoms and has tons of long term health benefits.

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