During the winter months, skin can dry out, leaving you feeling itchy, blotchy and uncomfortable. Lathering on moisturizers and lip balms isn’t always effective and can even leave you feeling less hydrated than before. That’s why we’ve rounded up our favorite winter skin tips to keep your skin happy all winter long.


Turn on the humidifier


Dry skin is never fun and waking up with a bloody nose or lip in the morning is the worst symptom of winter. If that’s you, try purchasing a humidifier for your bedroom to keep things comfy. The humidifier will keep your skin hydrated– and it can keep you healthy throughout the winter.


Limit shower time (and keep it cool!)


We get it– there’s nothing we love more than a long hot shower full of steam when it’s frigid outside. But this winter, you might want to stay away from those hours in the shower and keep things quick and cool. Hot water dries out your skin, so try to keep the temperature as lukewarm as possible — and don’t spend too long in there.


Choose the right products


During the winter, you know you need to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. But choosing the right products is key! Our favorite hydrating ingredient is hyaluronic acid, so look for that highlighted on your moisturizer. Don’t forget the SPF this winter either! The sun is still out and you need the protection. Check out our full list for the perfect dry skin routine this winter.


Try dry brushing or other forms of manual exfoliation

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Dead skin can flake off during the winter and leave your skin rough, bumpy and itchy. Exfoliation is an important way to get rid of that dry skin, but some chemical exfoliants can dry your skin out even further. That’s why we recommend a manual exfoliation technique for the winter — either a body scrub or dry brushing. Search for dry brushing spa treatments in your area here.


Choose a hydrating, soothing facial at the spa


Our favorite way to treat our skin every season is at the spa! If your skin is feeling dry and your face is revolting, choose a hydrating, soothing facial at the spa. The esthetician will work with you to create the perfect treatment for your skin type and concerns. Whether you need a soothing jelly mask or a thorough exfoliating treatment, this is the perfect way to treat your skin to whatever it needs this season. Search for facials in your area here.

How do you prevent dry skin in the winter months? Let us know in the comments below!

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