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Plan Ahead

Book your appointment beforehand and be sure to let the receptionist know if you are pregnant, have any special needs, allergies or medical conditions. By offering this information ahead of time, the spa will be fully prepared to accommodate you upon your arrival.

To avoid any confusion, mention Spa Week and the treatment you’d like while booking your appointment. Spas only offer two or three treatments at a Spa Week discount but they offer dozens of others at full price, so be specific and request an appointment for the treatment as it’s listed on

Spa Prep

Arrive at the spa at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that you have adequate time to check in and unwind before beginning your treatment. If you’re coming from the office, bring casual clothes to wear after your treatment. Most spas will not accept responsibility for items that are lost or stolen, so leave all unnecessary valuables at home.

Speak Up

Is the pressure ok? Is the water too hot or cold? Are you comfortable? Remember, your therapist isn’t a mind reader. If there is anything they can do to make your experience more pleasurable, don’t be afraid to let them know.


As a common courtesy to other guests at the spa, please have your cell phone turned off during your visit. Standard gratuity is 15-20% of the ORIGINAL spa treatment cost. Even though the spa is giving Spa Week customers a discounted treatment, your therapist is still doing the same amount of work. If you are unsure of the original price of the treatment, don’t be afraid to ask. While you are not required to tip, it is common courtesy and a great way to show your therapist that they did an exceptional job.

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  1. Priya singh

    we can add these in addition steps, like
    STEP #1 – CLOTHING REMOVAL: Before your body polish can begin, you will need to strip down to your underwear/bikini. A changing room or privacy screen will be provided so you can do this without feeling self-conscious. A large towel or sheet will be left on your massage table – you should lie on your front, get comfortable, and cover yourself with this material before your therapist returns to the treatment room (you’ll be given plenty of time to do this, don’t worry)

    STEP #2 – EXFOLIATION: Your esthetician will carefully move the material covering you to expose a small section of your body at a time, so that the exfoliating formula can be massaged into all areas while ensuring your modesty throughout (treated areas will be re-covered). Once this process has been completed with you facing down, you’ll be asked to turn over so your front can be treated. Again, the towel or sheet provided will be used to prevent overexposure of your body

    STEP #3 – RINSE: Once you are fully exfoliated it’s time to rinse off the residual abrasive grain (or ‘bits’) covering your body. If your body polish is performed inside a wet room – as is often the case – moving to another area to shower may not be necessary, since a purpose-designed Vichy shower is likely to be present directly above your massage table

    TIP: Do not use a shower gel or any other cleansing product when rinsing (unless instructed), for this could strip your skin of the radiance-boosting oils applied during your body polish

    STEP #4 – MOISTURISATION: Once showered and dry, you’ll be asked to lie back down on the massage table so your spa therapist can apply a rich body lotion or oil to both sides of your entire body. This final step will lock moisture in your skin, encouraging suppleness and the longest possible results from your treatment

  2. Meera Rao

    Hi There are no Spas near me for the Spa week Very disappointed. Please let me if you have any come up I am looking for a massage and a facial. Thank you


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