It may not feel like it with frigid temperatures over the past few weeks, but spring is coming! This long winter is finally coming to an end and sunnier days are here again! As we start to see warmer weather, we’re heading to the spa to get ready for spring.


Seasonal Pedicure


Get your toes ready for sandal season! Many spas throughout the country will be offering pedicures to help exfoliate, cleanse, and polish your feet and toes in time for open-toe shoes. These pedicures will often feature seasonal ingredients and paraffin wax to leave your feet and toes soft and smooth.


Detoxifying Body Wrap

man getting a Full body mud wrap

man getting a Full body mud wrap

After a long winter, sometimes our body needs a solid detox. A detoxifying body wrap can help you slim down, lose those winter pounds, and eliminate toxins from your body. These body wrap treatments are a great way to relax and comfort your body while detoxing and losing cellulite and weight!


Hydrating Facial


Dry skin is a struggle all winter long. No matter how much moisturizer we lather on, we find our skin dry, itchy, and irritated. That’s where a hydrating facial comes in! Different spas will feature different ingredients to help soothe and moisturize your skin, but all hydrating facials are a great choice for anyone with dry or sensitive skin.


Laser Hair Removal


We all know one of the biggest struggles of warmer weather is having to shave and wax your legs more consistently to get bikini ready. We know an easier way: laser hair removal. This simple treatment damages the hair follicle and permanently eliminates hair from the root, leaving your skin smooth and soft.


Exfoliating Body Scrub & Spray Tan

woman on the beach near the sea meditating

woman on the beach near the sea meditating

Get ready for the beach with an exfoliating body scrub and spray tan! Spray tans are a great way to give yourself a base tan before heading out to the beach for the summer months. But start with an exfoliating body scrub to leave your skin ready for its new shade!


What treatments are you getting this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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