The cannabis craze has taken over the wellness industry and we’re starting to see CBD and Hemp oil popping up everywhere from spa treatments and skincare products to supplements and edible treats. But what really is the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil, and which should you be using? We’re here to break it down for you.


What is CBD Oil and what are the benefits?

CBD Oil is the concentration of cannabidiol. It’s easily extracted from hemp plants and is high in CBD, but low in THC (the element of cannabis that gets you high). CBD works with the body through a balancing system and helps improve the functions of sleep, mood, pain, appetite, hormones, and immune response. Opioid receptors are also affected by CBD — so it’s a great ingredient to treat pain and anxiety!


What is Hemp Oil and what are the benefits?

Hemp oil is also derived from the hemp plant, but it has lower levels of cannabinoids (including CBD). This oil doesn’t include any THC. It’s high in vitamins E, B, B1, and B2, and also contains potassium, magnesium, omega 3, and omega 6. Hemp can help diminish signs of aging and is a great natural moisturizer. It’s also called Cannabis Sativa Oil!


What’s the main difference between CBD and Hemp Oil?

The main difference between these two oils is how they work. CBD is full of cannabinoids that can target many parts of the body– sleep, mood, pain, and more. In skincare, CBD is a great ingredient for inflammation and irritation. Hemp Oil has lower levels of cannabinoids but is full of vitamins. It’s a great natural hydrator and can help diminish signs of aging!


CBD Oil Products


Saint Jane Beauty Serum $125: This beauty serum is truly a little luxury! This elixir is full of clean, organic, 100% pure, natural ingredients, including CBD Oil. Each of their twenty natural ingredients serves a specific purpose– from protecting and balancing to awakening and purifying. Cannabidiol (CBD) is their calming ingredient, helping your skin by treating inflammation and redness. This natural serum is perfect for everything– and it’s all natural, so you can feel good about using it!


Hemp-Infused Products

Peter Thomas Roth’s Green Releaf Line $68 and $65: Coming in the form of a natural oil and a luxurious nighttime moisturizer, these products harness the power of hemp from the Cannabis Sativa Plant. Great for all skin types (especially sensitive), the products in this collection help calm the look of redness while hydrating skin.

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