Calling All Spa Lovers and Wellness Gurus! Did you miss Spa Week and the amazing $50 massages, facials, and other services in your area? Already counting the days until next Spa Week? We have great news: Spa Week is extended at select spas across the country. This means more time to relax, rejuvenate, and feel refreshed during a $50 spa treatment. Make sure you book your appointments ASAP, because deals won’t be around until next Spa Week! To make your appointment and find out what the availability is in your area, call the spa directly to ask.

You can search the top $50 services in your area by heading over to Search for $50 deals there, select your facial, massage, or other treatment of choice, and then call the spa directly! They’ll help you finalize your appointment and get ready for a day of pampering.

We’ve rounded up 10 of our top spa treatments that are still available for only $50 through the month of April:


  • Laser Hair Removal OR Photorejuvenation Treatment at Laser Plus Spa in Bellmore, New York: Choose the perfect laser treatment for you! Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair from the underarm area and permanently stops it from regrowing. IPL Photorejuvenation uses pulses of LED Light that firm skin, reduce pore size and improve skin tone.
  • Magnetic Kinetic Masque and Exfoliation Treatment at Buglino Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, New York: Unveil healthy, youthful skin with this magnetic mask. This mineral-infused clay mask reveals firmer, brighter, and clearer skin. Using a magnetic removal tool to lift the mask, this treatment will leave your skin supple and more youthful.
  • Hot Stone or Thai Bomb Massage at Spa Enliven in New York, New York: Indulge and relax with a hot stone or Thai Bomb massage! Hot stone massages calm the body with heated stones that release tension. The Thai Bomb massage combines traditional massage techniques and a Thai Herbal ball to relieve muscle soreness in sensitive areas. These treatments are the perfect way to treat muscle pain and recover from difficult workouts.
  • Swedish Massage at Tribeca Beauty Spa in New York, New York: Relax and sleep better with this soothing massage! Blue light disrupts your sleep cycle and can leave your body feeling stressed. This treatment features long, soft strokes to soothe muscles and alleviate stress, helping your body and mind to unwind. Special holds on pressure points relieve stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling relaxed and enhancing your quality of sleep.
  • Pampering Massage at Venelle Salon & Spa in Brooklyn, New York: Pamper yourself with this pampering massage! Do you spend all day on your phone? Turns out, blue light from technology can literally keep you up at night. Fight back with this pampering massage, featuring long soothing strokes that will calm your body, leading to a better night’s rest!
  • CannaBliss CBD Pedicure at Elan Salon & Day Spa in Brooklyn, New York: Treat your toes with a luxurious CBD Infused pedicure.CBD heals skin and eases and aches and pains. This pedicure includes a CBD Oil foot massage, sugar scrub, foot mask and complete nail and cuticle care
  • Detoxifying Himalayan Hot Stone OR Swedish Aromatherapy Massage at Skin Spa New York in New York, New York and Boston, Massachusetts: De-stress and detox with a detoxifying Himalayan hot stone massage or a Swedish aromatherapy massage. The Hot Stone massage features himalayan salt stones that eliminate toxins while long, connecting strokes help to relax the body. The Swedish aromatherapy massage features your choice of relaxing aromatherapy and medium pressure to help your body unwind.
  • Hydro-oxygenating Jet Peel at KUR Skin Lab in New York, New York: Exfoliate, hydrate, and nourish your skin with this hydro- oxygenating jet peel. This treatment moisturizes skin using hyperbaric oxygen to deliver nutrients deep into your skin, reversing signs of aging caused by blue light and technology.
  • Sweet Dreamer Body Buff + Massage Faina European Day Spa in New York, New York: Smooth your skin and sleep better with this Custom Lavender Sea Salt Scrub followed by a signature full body massage. Using long, flowing strokes, this treatment relieves stress, promotes calm, relaxes your body and promotes a deeper and more restful sleep.
  • CBD-Infusion Massage OR Signature Massage at Eden Day Spa in Boca Raton, Florida: Relax your body with a CBD Massage! CBD Oil enhances a classic massage and decreases inflammation, soothes sore muscles and relaxes the body. The CBD Massage features classic Swedish Massage techniques to eliminate stress and improve circulation. This treatment is also available as a Signature Relaxation Massage without CBD Oil.


Which $50 treatment are you most excited to try? Hurry! Spots are filling up fast and there are only a few more chances to get your spa on! Book now at!

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