We’re always striving for longer, beautiful, well-defined, and bold lashes. From cult-favorite mascara Better than Sex to traditional eyelash extensions, beauty gurus are always dreaming about new ways to get better, bolder lashes. While mascaras and eyelash extensions are two of our favorite ways to create a bolder look, there’s one treatment that takes the cake: the lash lift.

Last Spa Week, we visited Glamor Skin in New York to try out the up-and-coming treatment for ourselves. The results were instant and so impressive that we became fans for life! Watch the treatment for yourself here:


What does the lash lift do?

The lash lift lifts, separates, and defines lashes through a series of steps. This treatment is all-natural and makes your natural lashes look longer and bolder – you can even add a tint to make lighter lashes appear darker and bolder.


What does the treatment feel like?

When I got this treatment, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It can take up to an hour – so you’ll have your eyes closed for that time period, but the treatment itself is comfortable and pretty relaxing – you might even fall asleep once the glue is applied!


How long do the results last for?

The results will last 6-8 weeks– that’s the length of a typical eyelash cycle and also the length that eyelash extensions typically last. Trust us, you’ll be getting compliments on your lashes for at least 6 weeks!


Is it safe?

This treatment is completely natural and safe. The lash lift just involves using glue and heat to lift and separate your lashes, leaving them looking bolder, lifted, longer, and better defined.


The lash lift is one of our favorite beauty treatments and it’s becoming more and more popular! Search for lash lift treatments near you here.

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