So, you’ve finally done it. You managed to not only fit a massage or pedicure into your schedule but you remembered to show up (it’s all about the small wins)! In theory, the moment you enter the spa you should start to indulge in the relaxing atmosphere, however, there can be a moment of confusion as to what behavior is appropriate or not. Life happens and some situations are unavoidable aka meetings that cause you to miss your lunch, so you have the decision to starve or bring in a Cliff bar, or dare we say a full meal? Then your phone rings, you’ve seen other people talk on the phone, but you don’t know if it is considered rude to answer? Exhale slowly, because we are here to shed some light on what behaviors will interfere with your spa experience and what ones are acceptable.


Food: This varies from place to place and you must take into account the environment of the salon or spa. The most lenient place is going to be most nail salons especially if you are just going in for a pedicure. Nail salons typically don’t mind the average smoothie or Starbuck’s drink as long as doesn’t interfere with your service. Take into account though that resort spas might frown upon outside beverages so if you are nervous, always call and ask. Food is a little bit trickier as it opens issues of cleanliness and disturbing other patrons and since we want everyone to enjoy their moment of zen, we opt of bringing in food.  The exception to this rule is if you have rented out a spa/salon for an event and are catering in food.

Cell Phones: Since some people can’t bear the thought of unplugging for an hour, most salons and spas have adjusted their cell phone policy. Specifically, across the board, texting is the most acceptable form of usage and if a conference call has to take place, salons ask their patrons to be seated away from the majority of people or find a quiet, not disturbing location to take the call. However, if you are going in for a body service, we recommend blocking out your time, so you can reap the most from your appointment ( after all you came here to relax).

Photos via Shutterstock and LA Yoga Magazine.

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