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It’s Kind of Spa-ish…

"This is kind of spa-ish ;)" my friend Vivianne of LIVE>F>A>S>T magazine emailed me yesterday, regarding her latest feature on JAPANESE LOVE HOTELS...

Travel Tuesday: Elephant Massages in Thailand

Typically you get a massage so you can close your eyes and relax. But if you found out your massage therapist weighed well over a ton and lacked opposable thumbs, would you even be able to blink?
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The Butt Bench

I knew today was going to be a good day when I received a press release for a Butt Bench. Firstly, I'd like you to ask yourselves: What bench ISN'T a butt...

Spa Foodie: Lavender Lemon Spa Cupcakes

Lavender and Lemon, two ingredients often found in luxurious facials and aromatherapy massages are now being incorporated into a yummy, healthy spa-ish cupcake recipe...

Kate Moss Gets A 5-Handed Massage

...or something like that. For Emmanuelle Alt's second issue at Vogue Paris, she places another supermodel on the cover (in April it was Gisele), and this time we're filing it under spa-ish.