Lose Weight By Accident: Massage, Your New Diet Pill

Torture and deprivation seem quite fitting for the typical weight loss regimen. Images of treadmills, six pack abs and weights make us believe that torture is the only way to a hot bod, but what about relaxation and pleasure? That's right, pleasure and relaxation are actually the most effective ways to lose weight...
kiss nice

Lose Weight By Accident: Just KISS

Kissing can reduce you appetite, help you relax, and even lead to weight loss! Instead of torturing yourself at the gym, you could kiss fat goodbye!

Lose Weight By Accident: Get Your Butt Back In The Kitchen

When our lives get nutty, and we are burning the candle at both ends, we have the tendency to push, push, push until we collapse. But the reality is that in order to continue to live life at the pace we do, we must take some time to re-fuel everyday. There are many ways to re-fuel, but the biggest bang for your buck is going to come from cooking.

Lose Weight By Accident: Love More, Weigh Less

Many women can’t tell the difference between wanting food and actually being hungry. We can easily crave food all day, getting that lip smacking need to have our mouths entertained while our brains take a nap for the amount of time it takes to polish off a personal pack of Oreos from the vending machine...

Lose Weight By Accident: Vice, Vice, Baby

Today kicks off National Non-Smoking Week, the 2012 theme being: "Breaking up is hard to do." For those of us with addictions, vices, lack of “willpower,” we’re convinced that we just can’t stop hurting ourselves. That our compulsions...