The Spa & Wellness Challenge: Joy Bauer’s Nutrition Team Update

Spa Week's Spa & Wellness Challenge is in full swing and we are so excited about everyone who has signed up, as well as all the encouragement the participants have received. We asked you to pick a team to get healthy and the Nutrition Team is kicking bad habits in the butt by choosing veggies and gaining health. Joy Bauer, TODAY Show Nutritionist, is leading the Nutrition Team...

Pin it to Win it! “My Dream Spa Retreat” Pinterest Contest

Have you jumped on the Pinsanity bandwagon yet? Well, we're giving you a good reason to join! In honor of Spring Spa Week, April 11-6, we're launching our first ever Pinterest contest. From now until April 30, we're looking for a cohesive spa and wellness board that will inspire our readers to get and stay healthy from the inside out. All you have to do is pin one of the 10 gorgeous spa images below and use it as your inspiration to create a board answering the question, "What does your dream spa retreat look like?"

Magnetic Personality? Nope, Just The Black Pearl Facial

Do you remember that square cardboard toy, usually featured in the check-out line of the Toys "R" Us, with the bald guy's face on it? You know, the toy where you used the little red magnetic pen tied to a string to drag metal shavings around to give the face a creep mustache, uni-brow or caveman beard. It's called Wooly Willy and yes, when I tried The Black Pearl Facial at Euro Laser Services in Rye, NY, we looked like twins.
dr loretta snip

3 Holistic Anti-Aging Skincare Tips from Dr. Loretta

Back in 1983, a seven months pregnant Dr. Loretta Ciraldo packed up and moved from New York to South Florida along with her husband and 20 month year old daughter (when her husband, also a doctor, accepted a fellowship in heart surgery at University of Miami School of Medicine). It was among palm trees and ocean views that...