The world wide web agrees.
Whether it’s a hot stone massage during SPA WEEK, the happiness found in a tube of lip gloss, a mug of hot chocolate on a cold Winter’s day, or cuddling on the couch with someone you love… life really is all about the little things. Here, we introduce to you the people behind the links we love. We caught up with them to ask them about their 3 favorite things, the type of little luxuries that make their lives sweeter. Click the links in blue to see the Little Luxury Reports in full!

Kristi KoniecznyThe Spa Buzz
1. Hiking in the mountains– I have to go wherever I travel
2. Spending time with my nieces and nephews who always make me laugh hysterically
3. A day without a computer or phone… I only dream of this!

Bryce Gruber, The Luxury Spot
1. Fleur de Sel Chocolates
2. Vacations to anywhere with palm trees
3. Oily, fragrant massages at hotel spas that are surrounded by palm trees

Anne M. Russell, VIV Magazine (Editor in Chief)
1. Taking my Mazda to the “car spa” for detailing on its birthday
2. Having my taxes done by a CPA
3. Leisurely browsing the shoe departments at Barneys or Neiman Marcus. Or, actually, anywhere.

Tammy Gibson, A Mom In Red High Heels
1. Funky jewelry that is as unique as I am… Twisted Silver is my favorite line
2. La Mer Eye Balm- the ultimate in eye creams
3. Wrapadoo, a luxurious, plush hair wrap that makes me feel like a classic Hollywood starlet. “Simply Fabulous Dahling!”

Amber Katz, Beauty Blogging Junkie and Daily Makeover
1. Doing nothing on Friday nights other than catching up on copious amounts of DVR’d shows
2. A mani and 10-minute massage
3. A face mask by Orlane Light Box, the facial equivalent of matzoh ball soup: it’s soothing and adds a sense of occasion

Karen RobinovitzPurple Lab NYC
1. Hazelnut pie from Organic Avenue in NYC… raw, no sugar no flour
2. Sitting on a chaise on The Highline with my husband Todd and no phone
3. Pole dancing at S Factor… or in my living room

Melanie NotkinSavvy Auntie
1. Spending time with my precious nephew and nieces
2. Taking myself out for a quiet, peaceful dinner
3. Buying a lip gloss I don’t need, but looks so pretty I just can’t resist!

Nancy HoulmoutBeauty 411
1. A Fruit Enzyme Peel at the Arcona Studio in LA
2. The “Naughty at Neimans” martini made with X-Rated Fusion Liqueur
3. A dark manicure on shorter nails – Chanel Rouge Noir or Diabolic, Zoya Casey and Essie Wicked are my faves.

Sabrina Alexis Newman, A New Mode
1. Yoga, it’s the only time my mind isn’t racing with millions of thoughts
2. Anything Lavender-vanilla scented, especially the glade plug-ins
3. Good music- there’s nothing like a truly gorgeous song

Polly BlitzerBeauty Blitz
1. Sleep
2. A great cup of Earl Grey
3. A 4-handed massage at the Mandarin Oriental

Jeannine MorrisBeauty Sweet Spot
1. Mac Eyeliner in Teddy
2. Christian Louboutin heels
3. Godiva Dark Chocolate

Brittany ThomasClumps of Mascara
1. Creme brulee
2. Traveling
3. Total relaxation

Jen SestaRaging Rouge
1. Taking a 15 minute vacation from life with Beau Bain Bath Bombs
2. Bejeweled Estee Lauder compacts
3. The comforting vanilla scent of Sabon Daily Perfume in Oneg on a cold Winter’s day

Erica Johansson, Travel Blissful
1. Regular home spas
2. Vegan, organic dark chocolate
3. Reading lifestyle glossies

Shyema Azam, Beauty and the Feast
1. Frappés… I prefer caffeine on the weekends and on vacations
2. Getting my eyebrows threaded at The Eyebrow Place in Hoboken, NJ. Makes me feel like a new person!
3. Parachute 100% Coconut Oil… the way my mom taught me. I heat up a little olive or coconut oil in a small bowl, dip my fingers in, massage a thin layer to my roots and ends, and wrap in a towel overnight. See her

Crystal, Beauty or Bust
1. The Wonderbar – a truly wonderful, fast and fuss-free little skincare bar that contains a mixture of moor and Chlorey’nahre
2. The HANA Professional Flat Iron
3. Erno Laszlo’s C-Peel, a gentle at-home peel… it brightens skin instantly

Anne Fritz, The Jet Set Girls
1. Perrier Jouet
2. Carol’s Daughter Lemon and Rose Hand Cream
3. A cabana by a pool

David, Talk Spas
1. Inviting friends over to have a “Home Spa Party”
2. Using a ThermaSol steam shower on a cold winter night
3. Buying a fresh set of linens for the bed with 1000 thread count.

Laurie Costanza, Beauty’s Spot
1. A hair cut by Neven at Ted Gibson’s DC Salon
2. A day at Pinehurst Spa in North Carolina
3. Lisa Hoffman Body Oil

Kimmie Smith, Kitten Lounge
1. Dashing Diva on a Thursday night to have a cocktail while getting a mani/pedi. For an hour and a half the world stops.
2. Yoga – when I can find the time it’s perfect and a nice change from working on the machines
3. Proper brunch with friends – Paris Commune and Essex House are my favorites. You can only tweet your life to a point!

Alexis Wolfer, The Beauty Bean
1. A great workout to start the day
2. Jo Malone fragrance combining – right now I’m really into mixing Orange Blossom and Pomegranate Noir, but I love them all.
3. A visit to Kristie Streicher at Warren-Tricomi NYC for the best brows ever!

Risi-Leanne Baranja, Palacinka Beauty Blog
1. Sunday brunch with friends… and Veuve Clicquot Rose
2. A Hot Stone Massage
3. A Korean Body Scrub treatment

Charu Suri, Butterfly Diary and Beauty Stat
1. A Minx mani from Tracylee of Damone Roberts salon
2. A relaxing two hour facial at the Guerlain Spa at the Waldorf Astoria – as close to the Pearly Gates on Earth as I will get
3. Watching episodes of “The Office” while indulging in NARS’ Mud Mask

Adina Zilberman, Krasey Beauty
1. A long, soothing shower where I exfoliate with Jan Marini, cleanse with Philosophy, and deep condition my hair with Kerastase
2. A new lipstick, eyeshadow, or blush
3. A quiet evening at home where I can snuggle into bed with a historical fiction or paranormal suspense novel

Joi E., Beauty Blvd.
1. Scalp Massage with coconut oil
2. Hot bath with bath oil, a few scented candles, and silence
3. Hot apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and an episode of NCIS

Angela, Lipgloss Break
1. A glass of wine while cooking
2. A cup of coffee first thing in the morning
3. Manicures…I think I’ll go get one right now!

Franki Durbin, Life In A Venti Cup
1. Chris Notti Pucci-inspired silk eye masks. A girl needs her beauty sleep, and these work wonders!
2. 100% cashmere sweaters…need I say more?
3. Kerastase hair products… the results speak for themselves

Kelly Gould, Gouldylox Reviews
1. An amazing scalp massage followed up by a warmed, deep conditioning treatment.
2. A quiet and tranquil (no talking!) facial
3. Truly great customer service, as exemplified by the Ted Gibson & Hela Spa and Salon in Chevy Chase, MD.

Jessica Teas, Beauty Woo Me
1. Being physically active outdoors… preferably without a building or road in sight
2. My new Mukluk FitFlops
3. Rocket salad with shaved Parmesan, lemon and olive oil

Nicole Pearl, The Beauty Girl
1. Nude Replenishing Night Oil: It mothers my dry skin and the soft scent gets me ready for bed.
2. A foot rub (anytime, anywhere).
3. Getting booked for The Beauty Girl Beauty Parties — love hooking peeps up with useful beauty tips.

Sara Bartlett, Bombshell Beauty Blog
1. The light scent of Mediterranean Spa Body Olive Oil Body Butter – whipped and decadent!
2. Blissful Bath Grapefruit & Peppermint Hand Polish lightly buffs to cure winter-chapped skin
3. Mario Badescu Almond & Honey Face Scrub makes my skin glow without irritating my rosacea

Betsy Brown, A Few Goody Gumdrops
1. Vacationing with my family
2. Getting a much needed massage and facial
3. Owning anything Hermes

Audrey, Fabuless Beauty
1. A quick weekend getaway outside of Los Angeles. Vegas, San Diego or the beach would be ideal!
2. A good 8 hours of sleep.
3. A girls night in with chick flick DVDs and ice cream!

Tracy E. Hopkins, Everything She Wants
1. Zumba class at least twice a week. It’s dance-meets-aerobics, and doesn’t feel like working out.
2. A pampering facial with lots of extractions.
3. Soaking in a candlelit, hot bath with bubbles, aromatherapy oil, and salts followed by a moisturizing foot rub.

Tami Yu, Fete a Fete
1. Relaxing at the beach, with no cell phone or computer access
2. S’mores Bites from Recchiuti Confections
3. Hot stone massage