Spa Week on Good Morning America

In case you missed us Monday morning, here's the video clip and a few photos of the National Spa Week kickoff on Good Morning America. Behind the scenes:...

Win a $1000 Spa Week Gift Card

Although we know you've already gone and told hundreds of your friends to book their Spa Week $50 treatments (right???)... now you can...
Expert Love Tips: How To Meet Your Perfect Match

Celebrate Springtime Love During Spa Week 2010!

The weather is great and you can smell the love in the air! As you give your plants the vital water and nutrients needed to grow and blossom you should handle your relationships with the same care.

Get Active During Spa Week

It's easy to think of Spa Week® as a passive time - after all, if you're heading to the spa for a massage, facial, or scrub, you're probably not interested in being a terribly active participant in the process, not when it feels so good to just zone out. But...

Useless Facts About The 29 Spa Week Markets!

It's official! The week of rest and relaxation in the form of $50 facials, massages, and several other oooh and ahhh worthy treatments is literally just around the corner, April 12-18th. With spas participating all across North America we thought creating a...