Spa Week Is Extended This Spring!

Spa Week has been extended this spring, so relax and rejuvenate a little bit longer for just $50!    After a week of ridiculously relaxing pampering in the form of facials, massages, manis and...
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Celebrate #SpaWeekis10 On Instagram!

Remember to share an Instagram pic during Spa Week for a chance to win a $200 Spa & Wellness Gift Card!  Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for – Spa Week has officially commenced! The...

10 Tropical Treatments To Try During Spa Week

If you’ve been daydreaming of a beachy vaca, we’ve got you covered with these tropical treatments! When it comes to vacations, nothing beats a beachfront escape filled with sun, sand and slow sips...
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5 Secret Health Benefits Of Yoga

New studies show that health benefits of yoga are quite impressive! Get a $50 package at Exhale during Spa Week! Photo By Mish Sukharev via You’ve probably heard about the benefits of yoga...

Spa Spotlight: Piaf Salon and Day Spa

Find the perfect mix of traditional and cutting edge beauty services at Piaf Salon and Day Spa. A mother-daughter duo opened Piaf Salon and Day Spa over twenty years ago and they’ve been making a name for...

Take a Tour of Exhale Spa

Come along as we take a quick jaunt to all the Exhale Spa locations that will be offering these tempting $50 treatments during the 2012 Spring Spa Week Event.
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Playing Damage Control: 3 Facials for Skincare Repair

We get a lot of questions from our spa-ers. And I’ve noticed a theme the past few days regarding skin woes: How can you rid your face of skin imperfections? These haphazards of the face include pesky blemishes from acne past, dark spots from sun damage...

Lose Weight By Accident: Get Your Butt Back In The Kitchen

When our lives get nutty, and we are burning the candle at both ends, we have the tendency to push, push, push until we collapse. But the reality is that in order to continue to live life at the pace we do, we must take some time to re-fuel everyday. There are many ways to re-fuel, but the biggest bang for your buck is going to come from cooking.

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Spa Week!

Spa Week is celebrating its 16th edition of delivering the spa and wellness lifestyle to millions, and we are ready to SPA-rty! We've proven that we only get better with age, starting in NYC with just a few spas, and in only 16 Spa Weeks bringing our $50 treatments...
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Come On Barbie, Let’s Go SPA-rty!

The forever young Barbie turns 53 today and we want to wish her an extremely happy birthday. It takes a lot of spa visits to keep her so impossibly perfect, so for her birthday Barbie is taking Spa Week off and spa-setting around the country...