Magnetic Personality? Nope, Just The Black Pearl Facial

Do you remember that square cardboard toy, usually featured in the check-out line of the Toys "R" Us, with the bald guy's face on it? You know, the toy where you used the little red magnetic pen tied to a string to drag metal shavings around to give the face a creep mustache, uni-brow or caveman beard. It's called Wooly Willy and yes, when I tried The Black Pearl Facial at Euro Laser Services in Rye, NY, we looked like twins.
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Spa Week Daily’s Top 11 Moments of 2011

Whoah, 2011, where have you gone!? It's been quite the exciting year here at Spa Week. Our gift cards just launched in over 17,000 retail stores, the company is expanding quickly...
Spa Week is Extended!

Spa Week Fall 2011: It’s Still Kicking!

Kick your legs up and do the Spa Cha Cha... Spa Week's not really over yet! It's true. Every year, more than half of our Spa Week spas decide that they are going to extend their Spa Week...

101 Dalm– Days Till Spa Week!

101 puppies endured a whole lot stress to reach Roger and Anita's new house in London... their toes was froze, their ears was froze, their noses was frozes!... but once they did...
Facial Mask

RED DOOR SPAS: Spa Week’s Most Coveted

For 100 years, Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spas have been one of the most trusted names in wellness and beauty. It's no wonder that their spas have become a Spa Week favorite...
Chocolate treatment

10 Spa Treatments That Will Make You Lick Yourself

After perusing the Spa Week Directory for food-inspired spa treatments, I have found the Top 10 Most Mouthwatering Spa Week treatments---All for only $50! These treatments are so delish, you might snag a snack during your treatment!

New York Trend Report: Spa Edition

While the city floats on a fashion high, we're here to remind you that Fashion Week isn't the only thing trending in this town. Spa Week is almost here (October 11th -17th)...