professional massage

Massage: Tame Your Thyroid

Massage is a choice for someone suffering with hypothyroidism or thyroid problems, because massage can improve the quality of life as well as treat symptoms.
Massage is wonderful

Coping with Touch

There are lots of dimensions of pain associated with a terminal illiness. Massage therapy can help ease physical pain to emotional pain and can lift spirits.

Massage: Dealing with Growing Pains

Many people past the age of 65 experience some form of pain. Alternative therapies like massage, can replace drugs to relieve pain and help Alzheimer's disease.

Massage to Get Moving. (Again!)

A decrease in mobility can occur for due to age, injury or illness. Massage therapy has shown much success in relieving pain and increasing mobility.

Massaging Away Migraines

Massage can be used as an alternative to drugs to relieve many of the symptoms of migraines and can serve as a preventative measure in reducing frequency.
Massage is wonderful

Massage Therapists: Your Sleep Gurus

Massage therapy can provide benefits for treating sleep disorders like insomnia by increasing serotonin and melatonin hormone levels, which aid in sleep.