Oatmeal Facial Recipe

It’s National Oatmeal Day, and while we adore this healthy grain as a breakfast staple, we couldn't resist sharing some info about the other side of oatmeal -- the spa side! Quaker shared some ingenious...

Spa Foodie: Pour Some Honey On Me!

Honey has many secrets for health, well-being and beauty. Honey has soothing properties which can sooth sore throats, scrapes and burns and just sooth away a bad day in tea. The antioxidants in honey even give weak immune systems a boost, but let's focus on the beauty boosts of honey!
Facial Mask

Playing Damage Control: 3 Facials for Skincare Repair

We get a lot of questions from our spa-ers. And I’ve noticed a theme the past few days regarding skin woes: How can you rid your face of skin imperfections? These haphazards of the face include pesky blemishes from acne past, dark spots from sun damage...
Hug Your Cat Day: Cute & Funny Videos

Snooki Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

I'm all about at-home skincare recipes (like this DIY Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Scrub I made recently) but I was slightly concerned by...

4 Household Beauty Finds

Running low on beauty masks? Looking for a rainy day treatment to perk up your skin or hair? Chances are, you’ve got a few ingredients that fit into your beauty...