5 Cutest Designer Backpacks to Head Back to School

These backpacks are so chic, you’ll want to use them on the weekend, too! Whether you’re looking forward to hitting the books again this semester or school is a distant memory for you—backpacks...
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Your Ultimate Back-to-School Beauty Checklist

Spa Week Daily has you covered head to toe for all your back-to-school beauty needs! Photo by Randy Pertiet via It’s that time of year again! The...

Back to School Spa Deals for Teens (and mom, too!)

With Labor Day only one week away and fall fashion collections being freshly displayed on the retail shelves, there is one thing on everyone’s mind: back to school! Book these treatments to help your teens go back to school in style.

5 Tan-talizing August Spa Deals

s anyone out there upset/confused about seeing all these "Back-to-School" commercials on TV already. I think that the Old Navy commercial (above) sums it up rather nicely: "...And it's only July!!??" Seriously people, it's August 1 and...