The Spa Deals Are Bigger In Texas, Too

A peek inside Premier Atelier Salon in Dallas. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and these spa deals are no exception. Three high end salons and spas in Dallas are giving Spa Week readers some...

Cool Off, Cowboy! Spa Deals in Dallas/Fort Worth

It's going to be 101 degrees in the Dallas/Fort Worth area today. 103 tomorrow. We'd offer all 6.5 million of you a cold towel and a fresh iced lemonade if we could, but technology limits...
Sneak Peek: Celebrity Summer Vacation Pics

Spa Week Active Ingredient: Seaweed

It’s been used around the world from the ancient Greeks to Victorian England for its healing properties…and it’s also one of our biggest trends for Spring Spa Week.

Spring Break for Grown-Ups

It's about that time when most of us in the working world (and stay-at-home parents, I assume) wish we had a Spring Break. If you are one of the lucky few in this mess of an economy that gets to use some...
Dallas Spas Signing up for Spa Week in Herds

Dallas Spas Signing up for Spa Week in Herds

What do Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo and I have in common? Very little, admittedly. But there's one BIG love we all share: Dallas. While the economic crisis has got the rest of the country at a standstill,...