Massage is wonderful

Massage Therapy: The Best Job on Earth

New research shows the health benefits of massage and massage therapists were named one of the best jobs in 2012, making massage better spa treatment than ever.

Write it Down: Get Started on a Journaling Voyage for your Health

Remember the days of passing notes in class and hiding a diary under your bed? There was always something cathartic about venting via your teenaged, unfiltered self. These days you are probably lucky to even hear yourself think let alone share any thoughts with a piece of paper. Rekindle your love with your old sweethearts: a pen and paper.
Self defense training

18 Tangible Ways to Kick Stress in The Butt, Starting NOW!

Stress is inevitable in our technology-ridden, lighting-paced, tornado-whirlwind lives. Heart Health Month is here to remind us - among many things - that STRESS is one of the leading causes of heart disease and heart attack. There are three types of stress...

Bubble Wrap Therapy

Happy Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day! On this, the 50th anniversary of the poppable plastic wrap, we invite you to use bubble wrap in the way it was always intended: Popping the semi-sphere'd bubbles of air on...