Spa Spotlight: Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat

Spa Spotlight: Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat

Book a Spa Week appointment at Blue Creek an Urban Health Retreat for a truly relaxing and rejuvenating spa experience! Blue Creek is Denver, Colorado’s premier urban health retreat, offering...
neck massage

Spa Madness! 70-Min Swedish Massage

For Spa Madness! we sent Carissa of Hooked On Beauty to experience the 70 Minute Swedish Massage at Orange Skye Day Spa in Denver, CO. She described the treatment as a combination of much needed relaxation and deep pressure since her shoulders were in a constant state of stress.
Woman getting spa facial

Inside the Titan Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

There's a lot of treatments out there that purports to smooth fine lines and erase wrinkles...but none quite like the Titan Laser, which can create smoother skin that's actually self-perpetuating.
How Non-Invasive Nose Jobs Work

Botox in Denver – Blogger Opp!

We're looking for a blogger in the Denver area who would like BOTOX. All expenses paid. You'll have to document the experience on Spa Week Daily (and then, also your own blog or website) and either make a...

We Got A Vajazzler, Now Who Wants Botox?

As you may remember reading a few weeks ago, Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot has helped bring Vajazzling to the forefront of society. Which is why, when Completely Bare on Bond Street, (offering "Completely...