Everything You Need to Know about the Lash Lift

We’re always striving for longer, beautiful, well-defined, and bold lashes. From cult-favorite mascara Better than Sex to traditional eyelash extensions, beauty gurus are always dreaming about new ways to...

Eyelash Extensions at Albina Spa

Do you think these eyelash extensions look natural? We had no clue they were fake! No wonder women everywhere have fallen in love with the procedure. There's just one problem. They can cost up to...

Everything for Eyes: 8 Spa Deals for Lashes and Brows

You’re working on your health from the inside out. You deserve a little pampering for all your continued hard work. Since the eyes are the window to your soul, and we’re all about inner beauty here at Spa Week, why don’t you show your peepers a little love and treat your eyes to some well-deserved TLC? How about a little brow shaping...
eyelash perm

New Beauty Weapon: Eyelash Perm

Kim Kardashian may not be the world's most desirable human being right now, but there's one thing we can't deny her. Okay, fine, two. One: her phenomenal derriere. Two: her ridiculously amazing...

Get Lash-tastic During Spa Week

Even if you have already booked a soothing facial and stress-melting massage, you need to add another amazing service to your repertoire of pampering: eye lash extensions at Flutter Lash Studio in Chicago!