Massage is wonderful

Massage Therapy: The Best Job on Earth

New research shows the health benefits of massage and massage therapists were named one of the best jobs in 2012, making massage better spa treatment than ever.

Spa Glossary: Unlocking the Mystery of Reiki

Some spa treatments are a bit harder to explain than others. For most people Reiki would fall into the “I don’t know what that is, so I’m going to avoid it” category. We’d like to take this opportunity...
How Non-Invasive Nose Jobs Work

Acupuncture Facial – What is it Like?

Needles. Many are petrified of them, drawing up visions of their childhood pediatrician charging at them with big scary flu shot... or crackheads on the sidewalk. Yet many think about needles and...
Repair Balm Promises Smooth Skin

Repair Balm Promises Smooth Skin

Remember that dry spell I complained about a couple of weeks ago? Unfortunately it's still going. The bright side is so are our skin-healing giveaways! To make it through the home stretch (we hope) of this...