1 Food 3 Ways: Wheat Berries

Wheat berries sound and look like a delicious, exotic fruit, but in actuality they are the whole kernels of wheat...

Decorating on the Cheap: IKEA HACKS

The leap from IKEA furniture to furniture made out of...well, real wood (we love you, IKEA!) can be a pretty big (and expensive) one - but when you've seen your exact $60 "Billy" model bookcase in all your friends' homes, you might be ready for furniture that reflects your personality just a leeetle bit more.

6 Inspiring Design Blogs

A new season brings with it the urge to cast out the old and welcome the new with open arms - and that can translate to antsiness when it comes to last season's home decor. (Spring cleaning, anyone?)
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The Home Spa You Deserve=Your Bathroom

Obviously we here at Spa Week endorse going to a real spa whenever possible. But real life, time, and money all conspire to keep us from heading to the spa as often as we'd like--so it's nice to have spa-like...