True Life: I Have a Fit Mom

Remember in elementary school when kids would say, “My dad could beat up your dad”? Well, I’d always snap back, “My mom could beat up your dad.” And no one could one-up that. Just like Katie Austin, the daughter of fitness icon Denise Austin, I know what it feels like to grow up with a mother who is known as a fitness expert...

Hot Mom Monday: How I Procreate Healthy Kids

"Finish your spinach!" is the healthy-mom saga of yesteryear, and thankfully is heading towards extinction. And truth be told, "there are starving kids in Africa!" is hardly a justification for plowing through one's broccoli.

Hot Mom Monday: 5 Ways To Turn Playtime into Exercise

Sure, doing laundry and dishes then jumping and cheering on the softball sidelines is considered exercise! Or is it? Our 2nd Biannual Hot Mom Spa Night last week gave our #HotSpaMoms a break to relax at the spa...
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How To (Safely) Be a Pregnant Hot Spa Mom

Jessica Simpson just reveled her naked body on the cover of Elle in all her pregnant-ness. We bet the majority of non-celeb pregnant women are probably choosing to not even look...
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Hot Mom Monday: Hot Mom Takes On Hot Yoga

Our Hot Mom Spa Squad member, Melysa Schmitt of Sex, Lies, and Bacon, finally decided to stop thinking about finding a time for herself to not think so much. The sassy mom committed to some much needed relaxation and mOM time. She took charge of her stress before this hot mom became a hot mess...

Hot Mom Monday: Massaging Away Baby Pains

Our Hot Mom Spa Squad member, Kimberly Johnson of the the EntrepreMOMs project, proves there's no such thing as being too young to reap the wellness benefits of massage...