Spa-ing in the USA

Happy belated birthday, America! Even though you turned 235 this year you don’t look a day over 200...
massage for cold prevention

Spa Glossary: Sports Massage Wins

What do Dirk Nowitzki and LeBron James have in common? While they might be opponents on the court, they both list sports massage as part of their pre-game prep...

Spa Glossary: What is Rolfing?

Eat your vegetables, listen to your elders and sit up straight are all bits of motherly advice that you’ve heard countless times. Even if you didn’t take mom’s advice there’s still time to make amends. You can...

To Spa or Not To Spa?

As you know, every Tuesday the cleverly informative Shelby Jones from the International Spa Association, Spa Week's exclusive spa trade association partner, guest blogs here at Spa Week Daily offering...
You Glow, Girl!

You’ve Got… 10,000 Pieces of Mail?

How many e-mails do you receive during a typical day – 20, 50, more than 100? The average person receives 75 e-mails a day and sends 37 (Email Statistics Report, 2010, The Radicati Group, Inc.). How many of those do you actually read?...
You Glow, Girl!

Local Yokels

Many companies depend upon local business to be successful.