Things to Know Before Scheduling a Laser Treatment

The beauty of removing hair by laser is that in the long run it saves time and money, because once the hair is gone, there is no reason to bother with razors, foam, waxing or tweezing – YAY!  BUT, there can...

Spa Week Round-Up: Get Pampered From Head to Toe

Spa Week kicks off just in time for you to start gearing up for summer, and these $50 treatments will have you covered from head to toe! After a long and gloomy winter, spring is finally upon us. While...
laser hair removal photo

I’m Going Bare… Completely

My hair started falling out... and I couldn't be happier about it! That is, my hair down there. Three months ago I decided it was officially time to put an end to my monthly Brazilian waxing

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Spa Week!

Spa Week is celebrating its 16th edition of delivering the spa and wellness lifestyle to millions, and we are ready to SPA-rty! We've proven that we only get better with age, starting in NYC with just a few spas, and in only 16 Spa Weeks bringing our $50 treatments...