Lose Weight By Accident: Take These 3 Steps Towards Change

Weight loss is all about changing your thoughts, actions and feelings around your body and your food. Sometimes it happens by accident and sometimes it's a serious pain in the patootie! Before starting on any new eating routine or life change, it’s imperative to set yourself up for success. Yes, tossing out the balance bars and frozen snickers certainly helps, but I’m talking about digging a little deeper...
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Lose Weight by Accident: Invest in Some Kicks

’m sure you agree….a girl can never have too many shoes. We need the black heels for the business outfit, the brown wedges for the cute skirt, flip flops for our casual beach look, flat sandals with rolled up jeans. I could go on and on but you get the idea. The perfect shoe with the right outfit can make you feel hot, glamorous and ready to make it happen!
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Lose Weight By Accident: Eat Your Onions!

It may not be as hot as kale or as sexy as spinach, but the marvelous onion has certainly got it going on in the healthy weight loss department. Onions are part of the allium family, and besides being crazy tasty are loaded with the antioxidant quercetin...
3 Fall Foods You Should Eat Right Now

Lose Weight By Accident: Eat With Sticks

Here at Spa Week, we love bettering our bodies and minds everyday, and what better way to do so than without even thinking about it! As our wildly popular Lose Weight by Accident column has taken off in the...

Lose Weight By Accident: Crack Up to Shrink Down

When you think about losing weight, there are a few tips that come to mind: eat more greens, yes. Drink more water, sure. Call Julie for a quick phone chit-chat, not really. Getting your best friend on the phone is not usually a go-to trick to shed some lbs (although this tip depends on your BFF relationship and situation). I’ve always had a very strict policy: best friends must be funny...

Lose Weight By Accident: Massage, Your New Diet Pill

Torture and deprivation seem quite fitting for the typical weight loss regimen. Images of treadmills, six pack abs and weights make us believe that torture is the only way to a hot bod, but what about relaxation and pleasure? That's right, pleasure and relaxation are actually the most effective ways to lose weight...
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Lose Weight By Accident: Just KISS

Kissing can reduce you appetite, help you relax, and even lead to weight loss! Instead of torturing yourself at the gym, you could kiss fat goodbye!