Salute to the Post-Manicure Smudgers!

Are you the woman who sits down at the nail dryer and instantly hits your newly-polished nails on the back of the machine? Perhaps the woman who attempts to fish for her keys or wallet in her bag and brushes...

Take a Tour of Deva Spa

When curly-haired stylist Lorraine Massey opened Devachan Salon, it was the launch of a small beauty empire. The successful NYC salon specializing in curls quickly expanded into a successful product line,...

The Best Nail Polish for Your Sign

Whether you read your horoscope religiously or were just a little curious, we're here to report an important fact: Every sign in the zodiac has a signature color! An unexpected way to apply this new...
DIY Vitamin C Treatment for Acne

Spa Games

To celebrate the release of the much anticipated movie Hunger Games, we're going show Katniss some spa love. She endured everything from reaping to reward and now Katniss needs to go from survival drab to winner circle fab. Here are the treatments worthy of a survivor. Let the spa games begin!
find a red door

Win a RED DOOR SPAS Spring Renewal Spa Day

Charles Dickens said it best when he described Spring as the time "when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade." Well, one of our spas stepping into the bright, warm, inviting light of the Spring 2012 Spa Week Event...

Hair2Help Kid’s Cut-A-Thon in NYC

Is getting your child's hair cut a chore? Most squirm around in those big salon chairs. Now your child's haircut could go towards a great cause.

The Magic of Magnetic Nail Polish

So that’s why when I read about LCN’s Magnetic Nail Polish I was drawn to it... literally. Just the name - Magnetic - made my head spin with fantastical questions...