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Men's Room: 3 Tips for A Top Shave

So it's that time again - you have to scrape the thatchy growth off your face and endure the nicks, razor burn, and dry scraping that comes with it. While we can't eliminate the problem by bringing ZZ-Top length beards back in style, we can offer 3 easy tips you probably didn't know to ensure that your shave is smooth and successful.

His And Hers Makeup Trend

In the last few years, many companies have been taking staple skincare and makeup products consistently marketed towards women and turning them towards the guys.

Japan Does Not Like Dudes on Airplanes

Japan is taking a stand against a serious injustice that touches all of us: the daily indignity--nay, the daily TORMENT--of co-ed bathrooms. Soon, female passengers on Japan's All Nippon Airlines will enjoy...