Michelle Joni and Dashama Spa at Shula's

Hide Yer Kids! A Miami Spa Kidnapping

This is officially a spa kidnapping. I believe one of my duties - not just as Spa Week's editor-at-large - but as a human being on this earth, is to share the benefits of the spa lifestyle with as many...

Are We Dreaming or Spa-ing?

What a day for a daydream! On my first day in Miami, after a delicious breakfast buffet of flavored fish oil, I took Dashama to The Dream Hotel in South Beach, home of the brand new Shala Spa. We ordered a...
neck mask

Miami Bound! The Make-Me-Skinny Spa Day

Hello from Miami! I escaped. Yes, I've escaped the bitter New York winter for a healthy dose of sunshine... with an even healthier dose of spa. Let the bliss begin! I’ve come here to stay with Dashama, the...

Discount On Eclat Medical Products

While Miami is hot, Dr. Jhonny Salomon is making it even hotter. Dr. Salomon is a renowned plastic surgeon and has appeared on Bravo's Miami Slice, The Discovery Health Channel, Telemundo and NBC. Dr. Salomon has an extensive list of credentials (trust us, there's a lot of frames on his office wall). Our favorite of Dr. Salomon’s achievements is his own pharmaceutical grade product line and his not-your-average-doctor’s-office quarters in Coral Gables, Florida, which together create an unparalleled skincare experience...
barbie basics

Come On Barbie, Let’s Go SPA-rty!

The forever young Barbie turns 53 today and we want to wish her an extremely happy birthday. It takes a lot of spa visits to keep her so impossibly perfect, so for her birthday Barbie is taking Spa Week off and spa-setting around the country...

Travel Tuesday: Exotic Yoga Retreats With Dashama

Our resident Joyologist Dashama, founder of Pranashama Yoga and inspiring host of our holiday HUG Challenge, is one of the nation's top yogi personalities. With a loyal following of bliss-seekers...

ELLE Magazine Opening Miami Beach Spa

Magazines aren't dead after all... they're just turning up as spas. This month, Elle Magazine is taking its vision of fashion, beauty and wellbeing one step further;