Do Organic Skincare Products Work?

All it takes is one wrinkle, dark circle, or other imperfection, and I'll grab the most potent cream I can find and slather it on without even glancing at the ingredients. Sound familiar? Last week, I...

7 Eco-Spas Keeping It Green

More and more spas have been getting Eco-conscious in both their business practices and products, and we want to give some of our participating Spring Spa Week Event Eco-spas a shout out.

Spa Foodie: Pour Some Honey On Me!

Honey has many secrets for health, well-being and beauty. Honey has soothing properties which can sooth sore throats, scrapes and burns and just sooth away a bad day in tea. The antioxidants in honey even give weak immune systems a boost, but let's focus on the beauty boosts of honey!
Bouquet of roses

DIY Rose Petal Toner

One of my favorite and often forsaken beauty products is toner. I was never big on toner (seriously who wants to integrate another product into their lengthy skin care routine) until I started working in the...
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2nd Annual Earth Day Beauty Awards by HLS

Our Friday column writers over at Healing Lifestyles & Spas have awarded a brand new batch of eco-friendly, planet-approved products for their Second Annual Earth Day Beauty Awards, save the planet by...