Cold Processed Skincare: Refreshing for Your Face!

You may have heard of cold-pressed juice, but have you heard of cold-processed skincare? They're similar concepts, both preserve the natural ingredients when creating their products. Kat Burki, the creator...

The Perks of [Having] a Wallflower

Spring is finally here and it’s bringing chirping birds, warmer temperatures, sunny days, and plenty of flowers and plants bursting into life. Why not bring some of that life into your home? Having indoor...

Why Your Man Needs the AHAVA Men’s Collection

Ladies, let me ask you a question. How many times have you found your man using some of your favorite skin care products? I know it can't just be me... I come home after a long day at the office and I'm ready...

Do Organic Skincare Products Work?

All it takes is one wrinkle, dark circle, or other imperfection, and I'll grab the most potent cream I can find and slather it on without even glancing at the ingredients. Sound familiar? Last week, I...

7 Eco-Spas Keeping It Green

More and more spas have been getting Eco-conscious in both their business practices and products, and we want to give some of our participating Spring Spa Week Event Eco-spas a shout out.

Spa Foodie: Pour Some Honey On Me!

Honey has many secrets for health, well-being and beauty. Honey has soothing properties which can sooth sore throats, scrapes and burns and just sooth away a bad day in tea. The antioxidants in honey even give weak immune systems a boost, but let's focus on the beauty boosts of honey!
Bouquet of roses

DIY Rose Petal Toner

One of my favorite and often forsaken beauty products is toner. I was never big on toner (seriously who wants to integrate another product into their lengthy skin care routine) until I started working in the...