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Dangerous Beauty Products Exposed In Free App

The most dangerous chemicals in beauty products are being uncovered in a new app called Think Dirty. While organic diets have become increasingly common in the U.S. thanks to startling information about...
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20 Green Spa Week Treatments

We give two “green” thumbs up to Fall Spa Week’s organic spa services! Organic is a word that’s thrown around a lot lately. Although it may seem like a trend to some, there are health and beauty...

April is Earth Spa-wareness Month

Many of Spa Week spas are offering organic $50 treatments with natural products to get you naturally beautiful. Taking care of yourself and the earth made easy.

7 Eco-Spas Keeping It Green

More and more spas have been getting Eco-conscious in both their business practices and products, and we want to give some of our participating Spring Spa Week Event Eco-spas a shout out.

WIN: 6 Chicago Spas, 6 Spa-tastic Giveaways!

"Chicago, Chicago... bet your bottom dollar you'll lose your blues in Chicago..." (we feel like singing today, if you couldn't tell...). We share Frank Sinatra's deep love for Chi-Town with its magnificent piers...

Natural Body Spa Makes It Easy to Be Green

Poor Kermit. He says it's not easy being green. Natural Body Spas would have to disagree though. Not only is it easy, but certainly relaxing! Since opening their doors in 1989...