5 Ways to Spot a Liar & How to Deal with It

From little fibs to major deceptions, you hear about 200 lies a day. How can you catch the ones that matter? Here are 5 ways to spot a liar, and how to handle it when you do. Do  you know how to spot a...

Fifty Shades of Grey Sneak Peek

ESSENCE editor Charreah Jackson steps inside the steamiest relationship on the silver screen! The day we’ve all been dreaming of is finally about to arrive. That day, of course, is the day we lean back...
Expert Love Tips: How To Meet Your Perfect Match

Celebrate Springtime Love During Spa Week 2010!

The weather is great and you can smell the love in the air! As you give your plants the vital water and nutrients needed to grow and blossom you should handle your relationships with the same care.