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Don’t Miss The Rioja Wine & Tapas Festival

Mark your calendars – Rioja is coming to the Windy City for the 2nd annual Rioja Week, which kicks off May 2 with the Rioja Wine & Tapas Festival. Rioja Week includes tasting events, special wine flights...

Win A Relaxing Trip Courtesy Of Rioja Wines

Spa Week's Exclusive Wine Sponsor, Rioja Wines, wants to give you a relaxing getaway! You don't have to tell us that a glass of red wine is good for the mind, body and soul. According to the Mayo Clinic,...

Introducing: Spa Week’s Spring 2015 Sponsors

We are SO excited to announce the Spring 2015 Spa Week Sponsors because we know you’re going to love all the amazing giveaways they’re offering! Each and every Spa Week season, our favorite brands...

Spa Week Media Party Recap – Spring 2012

It’s our party and we’ll spa if we want to! Last week on April 11 we returned to the spacious Altman Building and held our bi-annual Spa Week Media Party, a night dedicated to food, drinks, beauty,...
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3 Hot Recipes for Cool Red Wine Cocktails

As tasty and refined as it is, a plain glass of red wine can seem like an incongruous drink of choice for the summer. Here are three cocktails that will take your wintry, warming reds into killer summer refreshments.