Sugar Scrub

15 Body Scrub Spa Deals for Smooth Summer Skin

We all know the benefits of proper skin care, and that regular exfoliation is not an indulgence but a summer-skin wellness necessity. Exfoliation can reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve circulation and even stimulate cell growth, making you look younger; but most importantly, it sloughs off layers of dead skin cells, making way for the radiant, refreshed skin beneath it to shine through!...
Sugar Scrub

SCRUBS (not the TV show)

So yes, I work for Spa Week, and no, I do not go to the spa all the time. In fact, I probably get there less than you do. I’ve had the basic facials, massages, waxings and microdermabrasions before...
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SPA CRAWL Spring 2010! The Video

Everything you need to know about Spa Week Spring 2010... and what better place to tell you than from inside the spa, mid-hot stone massage and pore extraction?