Top 10 Hottest Spa Treatment Trends for Fall 2011

Picture a world where job and family stress disappears at the door, where there are no politics, no hurricanes, no broken ozone layers, no MSG, and no bad attitudes trying to bring you down. Where the only goal is bringing you UP,...
Workout Wednesday: Fun Ways to Walk More

Katy Perry: Fairy Spa Mother

After her concert in Atlanta on June 8, pop star Katy Perry flicked her magic wand and fluttered her Fairy Spa Mother wings and made the bill disappear for all 21 of her dancers and crew members at the gorgeous Remede Spa at the St. Regis Hotel.

Shellac Deals (Plus My Inner Manicure Monologue)

Are you one of those people who goes to the same manicurist, same time, every week? I can never understand you. Although it does sound lovely (my mom has developed a tremendous bond with Michelle the manicurist...