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Spa Madness! Back to Basics With The 80-Minute Massage

We think it's great booking the most eccentric spa treatments you can find, but sometimes all it takes is a trip back to the basics. We sent Meieli Sawyer Detoni of LimeLife to Massage Envy in West Boca FL to experience more Spa Madness! She got out the kinks, aches and pains with an 80-Minute Deep Tissue Massage and you can do the same for just $50 during Spa Week April 12th-18th.

Seeking Pregnant Blogger in Denver!

This is NOT a Craigslist ad! We are looking for a great blogger in the Denver area who's at least 12 months 12 weeks (thanks @PBRandPBJ) pregnant and interested in blogging about a complimentary prenatal...
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SPA MADNESS has begun!

It is officially Spa Madness. It all started with Bryce Gruber's Vajazzling, which went viral around the world from Gawker to Croatia... now there's no turning back. Spa Week Daily is sending bloggers...
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Behind the Scenes of Spa Week Spring 2010

We know Spa Week® is easy for the spa-goer---once our spa directory goes live on March 15th (mark your calendars!!!) all you have to do is decide which new spa you're going to be visiting. But have you ever...

We Got A Vajazzler, Now Who Wants Botox?

As you may remember reading a few weeks ago, Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot has helped bring Vajazzling to the forefront of society. Which is why, when Completely Bare on Bond Street, (offering "Completely...