11 decor tips Bobby Berk

Bobby Berk’s 11 Decor Tips for a Happy Home

Your cozy bed. Your snazzy kitchen appliances. Your favorite colors, fabrics, and photos. Your home is YOU in the form of furniture, flatware and picture frames. If you feel uninspired by your surroundings or cluttered within your walls, you'll never be able to enjoy fully enjoy that place you call home...

Clean it up! Bobby Berk’s Spring Cleaning Challenge

Bobby Berk challenges you to de-clutter and simplify your life by removing one item from your home every day for 10 days. From seldom-used kitchen appliances to that dress you will never wear again that’s still hanging in your closet, Bobby challenges you to rid your home of items that are over-stimulating and over-complicating your living experience.
garfield mornings

Mari Winsor’s Early Bird Challenge: Completed!

Oh mornings, how I loathe thee. Let me count the ways. One: you always creep in through my bedroom windows ten-ish minutes before my alarm goes off, so I am stuck under the covers, dreading the alarm in a don't-wanna-get-up-yet-limbo. Two: you wake me up on the weekends (my only days to sleep in) at the same ungodly time I normally have to wake up for work during the week. Three: you come around, pulling on my heartstrings, with promises of pancakes and coffee, and try to fool me into feeling like I am missing out on the day when I wake up way past noon. I am the queen of the snooze button and no one can tell me otherwise...
SWDaily Challenge_banner_brewster_completed

Kithe Brewster’s Mirror Mirror Challenge: Completed!

It was around Christmas that I realized in less than a month I was about to hit a stage in my life I was not ready for: my mid-twenties. The worst part was that I wasn’t happy with my body. Then, in late December, Michelle and I went out to lunch with celebrity stylist, Kithe Brewster...