Spa Week Media Party: An Inside Look at The Luxury Media Gift Bags

What in the world is in that BAG, what you got in that BAG? While Ludacris was referring to something very different, we are dying to tell you what kind of punch our coveted gift bags packed this year at our Spring 2012 Spa Week Media Party. The bags carried the weight (dang, they were heavy!) of an assortment of health, wellness and beauty products, and all products deserve a shout-out...
Beautiful Girl With White Scarf on The Beach

Happy Spa Week! Letter from The Editor

That moment you lay down on the massage table. The lights dim and your eyes seal shut, smiling still. The calming melody of spa music urges your mind wander off

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Spa Week!

Spa Week is celebrating its 16th edition of delivering the spa and wellness lifestyle to millions, and we are ready to SPA-rty! We've proven that we only get better with age, starting in NYC with just a few spas, and in only 16 Spa Weeks bringing our $50 treatments...