‘Share’ the Love Insta-Contest

We know you’re all over Instagram this month posting pictures of your hunny. Share them with us for a chance to send your loved one to the spa! Spa Week loves to send our phenomenal fans for spa...
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Calling All My Girls…Did You See Us on Bethenny?

Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week made a special guest appearance on the Bethenny Show! Gina Hughes , via Wikimedia CommonsIf you tuned into Bethenny today, you probably caught Jason Derulo dishing...
3 Fall Foods You Should Eat Right Now

Healthy Treats to Help You Beat the Bulge

It feels like we’ve been celebrating America all summer long…Memorial Day into the Fourth of July and now we’re gearing up for Labor Day…its been fun but trust me; all those red white and blue treats aren’t doing anything for your waistline. We totally get it – we prefer to lounge poolside and indulge at barbeque after barbeque all summer long too. Unfortunately, running after the ice-cream truck doesn’t count as exercise, and come mid-July (wait, that’s now…) those little indulgences start to add up, and noticeably. That’s why on July 1st, Spa Week launched our Healthy Summer Treat Recipe Giveaway...
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11 Spa Deals to Pamper Pop

Your superman, jungle gym, coach, tutor, teacher, mentor, protector, best friend, buddy, pal, go-to-guy, poppa bear, daddy-o... No matter what you call him, we are willing to bet the lawnmower, the powertools,...
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Travel Tuesday: 8 Little-Known Facts About Hilton Head Health

This May, Spa Week and Denise Austin have joined forces with prestigious Hilton Head Health, a premier weight loss spa and health retreat. Celebrating over 35 years, Hilton Head Health (H3) prides itself on delivering an exceptional experience in Weight Loss, Fitness, Nutrition, and SELF (Stress Management, Empowerment, Longevity, and Fulfillment) through personal and...

WIN! Spa Week + Denise Austin’s Get Fit with Mom Giveaway

Like Denise Austin always says, “When you motivate others to be healthy, you can’t help being motivated too.” Mothers are notorious for continually put their children’s happiness and needs first, often at the expense of their own health and well-being. But it’s a vicious cycle, because leading by example is the absolute best way to instill a mentality of health and well-being in your children. In honor of the Month of Moms, Spa Week has teamed up with nationally recognized fitness expert and author Denise Austin and her daughter, Katie, to help one lucky duo pursue their wellness journey – together! – by entering The Get Fit with Mom Giveaway.

Give Mom the Gift of Wellness: Mother’s Day Gift Card Sale

Homemade necklaces and “The World’s Best Mom” mugs were cute when you were a kid, but now it’s time to give her a truly special gift. What better way to tell Mom you love her than by giving her a gift she’ll actually love? Give that generic Mother’s Day card more heart by including the gift of spa. She took care of you for all those years, and there is no better way to thank her than by gifting a spa treatment to cater to her own health and well-being...

Valentine’s Day Sale: 10% Off Spa & Wellness Gift Cards by Spa Week

With the stress of the Holidays finally over, the last thing anyone wants to worry about is brainstorming yet again for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Roses will wilt and chocolate will melt, so why not give the gift that will last well beyond February 14th: the relaxing benefits of a spa experience...

Dr. Wendy’s Cinnamon Challenge: Completed!

Over the past two weeks, close to 100 of you RSVP'd to Dr.Wendy's Cinnamon Challenge on Facebook and commented on the event wall with the healthy and delicious ways you incorporated cinnamon into your diet everyday for two weeks...