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Announcing: Spa Week® 2012 Official Dates

Happy, healthy New Year to you! Let's take a look back: In 2010, over 150 million Americans visited the spa (according to ISPA). We are still waiting on the exact numbers for 2011, but with the growth of...

Stop and Smell the Essential Oils

A fresh, invigorating and instantly calming scent fills your nose as soon as you walk through the door – you must be at the spa...

Decisions, Decisions! 12 Major Spa Week Options

Decisions are tough. You had trouble deciding what to wear this morning, what item on your to-do list needed to actually be done, and you went back and forth between salad and sandwich for lunch today at least 7 times. With about 800 spas participating...
10 Products to Heal Chapped Lips for Good + Tips

Get Triple Toned at Spa H

Do you want to get tripple toned? That's right, I said TRIPLE. I'm talking about getting toned pores, toned back and an overall toned bod...

5 Tan-talizing August Spa Deals

s anyone out there upset/confused about seeing all these "Back-to-School" commercials on TV already. I think that the Old Navy commercial (above) sums it up rather nicely: "...And it's only July!!??" Seriously people, it's August 1 and...
Workout Wednesday: Fun Ways to Walk More

Katy Perry: Fairy Spa Mother

After her concert in Atlanta on June 8, pop star Katy Perry flicked her magic wand and fluttered her Fairy Spa Mother wings and made the bill disappear for all 21 of her dancers and crew members at the gorgeous Remede Spa at the St. Regis Hotel.