Spring Cleaning: Throw Out Your Old Makeup!

Keeping makeup for too long can spread bacteria and have tons of negative consequences… but we’re all guilty of it-- who wants to throw out their favorite lipstick? As much as it sucks to say goodbye to...

Clean it up! Bobby Berk’s Spring Cleaning Challenge

Bobby Berk challenges you to de-clutter and simplify your life by removing one item from your home every day for 10 days. From seldom-used kitchen appliances to that dress you will never wear again that’s still hanging in your closet, Bobby challenges you to rid your home of items that are over-stimulating and over-complicating your living experience.

6 Inspiring Design Blogs

A new season brings with it the urge to cast out the old and welcome the new with open arms - and that can translate to antsiness when it comes to last season's home decor. (Spring cleaning, anyone?)