Magnetic Personality? Nope, Just The Black Pearl Facial

Do you remember that square cardboard toy, usually featured in the check-out line of the Toys "R" Us, with the bald guy's face on it? You know, the toy where you used the little red magnetic pen tied to a string to drag metal shavings around to give the face a creep mustache, uni-brow or caveman beard. It's called Wooly Willy and yes, when I tried The Black Pearl Facial at Euro Laser Services in Rye, NY, we looked like twins.
Chocolate treatment

16 Sweeeeeet Spa Week Treatments (EXCLUSIVE)

In honor of Spa Week's 15th installment of The National Spa Week Event taking place this October 10-16, we want to give you a sneak peek at 15 of the decadent spa treatments...
Wellness - women drinking champagne in spa

SPA CRAWL Spring 2010! The Video

Everything you need to know about Spa Week Spring 2010... and what better place to tell you than from inside the spa, mid-hot stone massage and pore extraction?

What Did The Panda Say To The Panda?

Be a good friend! Maybe it's because they've been working overtime and need a break, maybe it's because they're pregnant and could really benefit from a prenatal massage...
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SPA MADNESS has begun!

It is officially Spa Madness. It all started with Bryce Gruber's Vajazzling, which went viral around the world from Gawker to Croatia... now there's no turning back. Spa Week Daily is sending bloggers...