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Treat Yourself to an Evening of Herbal Romance

Sometimes the best way to get centered is to treat yourself to a fine evening at home. Whether it’s a long bubble bath or a relaxing DIY project, a good night in helps you clear your mind and get in a...
Brands Must Acclimate to a Different Kind of Oscar Season

Celebrity Spa Arrest: Betty White

Any other eighty-nine year old who has accomplished as much in showbiz as Ms. White has would be content to rest on her laurels...

Become Your Own Bachelor at BodyHoliday

So you've always wanted to be a reality star, but your audition tapes for The Real World, Survivor, and the Amazing Race keep getting lost in the mail before the casting directors can realize your genius.
Brands Must Acclimate to a Different Kind of Oscar Season

Hollywood Living (Where Even Your House Is Famous)

If you're fond of 90s television dramas and have 10 million dollars lying around gathering in dust, you've come to the right place! Here's what you should do with all that scratch--buy the beach house from...

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelor Wedding #2

The Bachelor has produced its second marriage born out of the popular reality TV show, and perhaps the most scandalous. Last year's Bachelor, Jason Mesnick, is set to marry contestant Molly Malaney in a...

The Spa Prescription for Katy Perry's Idol Woes

I'm not usually an American Idol-watcher, but I did catch wind of Katy Perry's guest-judging stint last night in Los Angeles. For those of you who didn't see it, Perry replaced Avril Lavigne for the second day...