roller after working out

Roll Your Way to Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

Do you use a roller after working out? Here's why I consider rolling an essential part of my fitness routine! An active lifestyle often means aching, sore muscles. You know, the stiffness in your back from...

Emotion Control Tips from Ken Linder

Ken Linder is a motivational speaker who developed a method called Life-Choice Psychology. He's helped a lot of people master what he believes is the key to success in life: Controlling our emotions. His new...

Wellness Gurus: Tweets of the Day

It seems that something positive was floating through the Twitterverse today, because so many of our favorite wellness experts felt inclined to offer up some wise words of wisdom, gratis! In case you missed...
You Glow, Girl!

Local Yokels

Many companies depend upon local business to be successful.

Blog It Out

You probably have an array of blogs you read every day like Spa Week Daily, but have you considered writing one for your business....