Congratulations to Our Weekend Giveaway Winner!

Are you following Spa Week on social media? If not, you're missing out on lots of fun chats and giveaways. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and join the party! Another Friday,...
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Get Social and Win—Biggest Fans Contest!

Spa Week is searching for our biggest fans! Here’s how to qualify.  It’s been one exciting year! Millions of people have benefited from all that Spa Week has had to offer in 2013. From our...

Wellness Gurus: Tweets of the Day

It seems that something positive was floating through the Twitterverse today, because so many of our favorite wellness experts felt inclined to offer up some wise words of wisdom, gratis! In case you missed...

See What All the Tweet is About

Twitter's all abuzz with @SPAWEEK #50dollartreatments since its launch on Monday April 15th. Here, the life cycle of a Spa Week treatment in 140 or less.

Thanks For Tweeting the @SPAWEEK Love!

National @SPAWEEK is well underway, and the Twitterverse is on fire with #50dollartreatments! It is definitely cause to celebrate. Spa Week is a time for hard working folks...

Spa Week in 140: The Full Twitter Life Cycle

Since Spring Spa Week's launch on Monday, Twitter has been buzzing on a non-stop rotation about those coveted #50dollartreatments. We kicked the week off with the return of our twitter party

A Link to a Better Future

If getting a friend request from the girl who used to torment you in high school or an update every time some goes to the grocery store isn’t your style it doesn’t mean you still can’t take advantage of social media.....