Pejazzling Jumps The Pond

Thanks to fame-whoring, bling-loving, entrepreneurial British reality stars, we are seeing another resurgence of the sparkly private parts obsession born as Vajazzling, and this time it's your turn, boys...

VAJAZZLE: The Live Video Broadcast

You've seen the Vajazzle photos... you've seen the Vajazzle video... and last night we took Vajazzling to a whole new level: The Live Vajazzle Broadcast from Completely Bare Spa.

VAJAZZLE: The Feature Film and Spa Directory

Vajazzling - the spa treatment heard round the world, the trend that just won't die and one that most are curious to try. Now you can consult this ever growing list of spas around the country that...

Vajazzling: A BeDazzling First-Hand Account

Last week we posted about all the Vajazzle excitement that's coming to Spa Week, Spring 2010! (Just click anywhere it says Vajazzle if you missed that one.) We've since been blessed with a first-hand account...

VAJAZZLING Is Coming To Spa Week®!

"Because Your Lady Business Should Sparkle!" This is a headline I'll not soon forget (see it for yourself), celebrating the fine art of Vajazzling! And it's exactly what it sounds like... bedazzling your...