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Wedding Cake For Breakfast (New Book Giveaway!)

"It was only the day after the wedding that I turned into an absolute lunatic." Do Bridezillas go calm, and composed brides go crazy? This is one of the opening musings of Wedding Cake for Breakfast, a...
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Extreme Bride Weight Loss

Some brides are choking down feeding tubes to lose weight for their big day, we suggests some more sane slimming $50 spa treatments.
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9 Ways to Keep It Organized – The Almighty Feat for a Stress-Free Bride

Love is in the air. Okay, let’s face it…it is in the air because it is all you can talk about and think about. Wedding planning is a glorious time, but it can completely take over your mind if you don’t come up with an organized plan that leaves you centered and sane. You want your love planning experience to be stress-free as you add yet another to-do to your agenda.

Wedding Wednesday: 7 DIY Crafts for Your Big Day

Ever since you were a little girl, you've probably imagined how your wedding would look. A dress like Grace Kelly's, a venue like Princess Diana's and a groom like George Clooney. When the time comes and the day you've been waiting for your whole life is finally right around the corner, achieveing the wedding of your dreams can be more stressful then whimsical...
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Spa Week Daily’s Top 11 Moments of 2011

Whoah, 2011, where have you gone!? It's been quite the exciting year here at Spa Week. Our gift cards just launched in over 17,000 retail stores, the company is expanding quickly...